Evil pictures

Well It  was happened that The Main of The Week of MySlo portal, for which I was drawing cartoons for the past year, was closed down. And therefore, I decided to make a short post dedicated to the weekly drawings, and to fill in the most sentimental of them under the cut. Wellcome!

Creating of a Cossack cyber squad (12-18 November 2016)


Garbage conflict (22-28 October 2016)


A huge cast-iron pan, donated Tula to Tambov was cracked (15-21 October 2016)


Deceived wife claimed her husband's 500,000 (!) rubles (1-7 October 2016)


Gay parade was not allowed (10-16 September 2016)



Aircraft modeling festival (23-29 July 2016)

 A man was living for two years in a VAZ (4-10 June 2016)


Country house on inventory was valued at half a million euros (19-25 March 2016)


Roma VS OMON in brobe for gas (12-18 March 2016)


"Excellent road"(5-11 March 2016)


The First Student World Ski Orienteering Championships (6-12 February 2016)


 ATM was blasted on Police Day (7-13 November 2015)


Paid parking started work which can not be said about the mobile app .. (10-16 October 2015)


Delusional destruction sanctions products (15-21 August 2015)


VDV Festival (1-7 August 2015)

 Alenichev resigned as coach of Arsenal in Spartac (6-11 June 2015)


Mamparad (23-29 May 2015)


Museum Night (16-22 May 2015)


The first mention of the possibility of introducing paid parking (18-24 April 2015)